About Me & Others Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is About Me & Others the same on desktop and mobile? On desktop, About Me & Others is a standalone tool, whereas on mobile it is a feature within the Dot Collector app to allow for a more digestible experience. While the content on desktop and mobile is similar, you may notice slight interface differences between the two.

2. What is my “Overall score”? 

The “Overall score” is an aggregate of all the data on someone in the system. The data streams that inform the overall score are Dots, Ranks, and Tests when that information is available. The weighted contribution (configurable for each organization) of these streams is as follows: 50% Ranks, 40% Dots, and 10% Tests.

3. What are roll-up (or parent) attributes? 

Roll-up (or parent) attributes are higher-level attributes that contain more granular “child” attributes. The score for a roll-up attribute includes dots directly on that attribute and on any of its “children.” You may notice in the interface that roll-up attributes in some views are indicated with a folder icon next to them.


4. What do the bars in the “strengths and weaknesses” section represent? We call these “confidence bands.” Rather than show a discrete number, which may or may not be precisely accurate, they are intended to show the range of scores that we’re confident you fall into based on the data we have. The wider they are, the less confident we are of your precise score.

5. How are my strengths and weaknesses determined? A strength is an attribute where your entire confidence band falls above 7. A weakness is one where the entire band falls below 6.0.

6. Why do I have strengths but very few weaknesses? This is because based on people’s dotting behavior over timepeople tend to give a much higher proportion of positive dots to negativeit’s much less likely that your confidence band will fall entirely below 6.0. 

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