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What is the purpose of Coach? Because there are too many principles for anyone to keep top of mind enough to apply appropriately to whatever situation they face, and because it’s easier to ask for advice than to seek it out in a book, Ray created Coach. Coach’s platform is populated with a library of common situations, or “ones of those” (e.g., disagreeing with an assessment someone made, someone lied or did something unethical, etc.), which are linked to the relevant principles to help people handle them. As people use Coach, they give feedback on the quality of advice it provides, essentially coaching the Coach so that it can deliver better and better advice. Over time, Coach has become increasingly effective in much the same way Siri has.

When should I use Coach? Coach is a tool to connect whatever situation you are facing to the relevant principles at any moment that is natural for you. Still we have some tips around good cues for moments when Coach might be most useful. Try using Coach when you are: 

  • Feeling frustrated or stuck
  • Overwhelmed or stressed out
  • Facing a difficult/important decision
  • Reflecting on a piece of feedback you’ve been given or a mistake or challenge you face
  • Worrying about something
  • Planning for your week or day ahead
  • Preparing for an important meeting
  • Writing a difficult email or having a challenging conversation
  • Encountering a new situation or white space
  • Trying to understand other people and their decisions
  • Coaching others / seeing someone struggle / giving someone feedback or guidance
  • Before asking others for their advice
  • When you’re making an important decision, it can be helpful to use Coach even when you think you know what to do, as a double-check on your approach
  • As a manager, Coach can be effective to use in engaging with your team to align on shared principles as a team or organization to get to your shared goals, or as a leader convey and be in synch with your organization on the reasoning/approaches behind decisions, help structure and guide conversations and difficult or important moments within your team, and reinforce how you’d like employees to behave in a given culture.

How often should I use Coach? We believe it’s helpful to reflect on principles regularly as you encounter situations and challenges on a day to day basis. That’s most important and Coach is just a means of doing that more easily. We think a good guideline is to try to use Coach to reflect on principles at least 3 times a week. Take a moment to reflect on a challenge you are facing and ask Coach for guidance.

When should I go to the Coach versus just going into the principles? Coach is just another way of engaging with the principles, so you should consider Coach as an option anytime you are using the principles. Coach does a particularly good job at taking different practical scenarios, or ‘situations’, and connecting them with the best principles for handling them. So, rather than searching through 300+ principles and making the connections yourself, we’ve done that for you in Coach.

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