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An Overview of the Principles Tools Platform

"To be successful you have to get both the people and the culture right."

Principles tools are designed to help individuals and organizations operate consistently with their principles and culture. They are primarily for the collecting and processing of data to build a deep understanding of what people are like (i.e. their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences) and to turn that data into intelligence through algorithms to supplement human thinking. Data about people is converted into personal profiles that are used for personal development, to put the right people in the right jobs, and to create well-balanced teams. Use of Principles tools also fosters a culture of finding out what is true and dealing with it on a daily basis. For example, the exchange of dots on a daily basis, i.e. “Daily 360 Reviews” not only makes it so that people performance is constantly made available and understood, but also that quarterly/annual reviews are much simpler and a natural extension of that daily feedback. Similarly, problems are surfaced and rated for severity on a daily basis via the Issue Log, so they can be consistently analyzed to understand what’s causing them and put appropriate solutions in place. This data supports the creation of expert algorithms to aid decision-making in running all aspects of the business, most importantly managing your people and culture effectively. These tools exist as separate capabilities that can be used individually or together in a tools suite.

The Principles platform currently offers the following Core tools that help collect and connect dots:

Dot Collector 

At the center of the Principles platform, Dot Collector helps your team share in-the-moment feedback across all interactions and collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom and MS Teams. The two key features of Dot Collector are dot collecting and polls / surveys.

  • Dot Collecting - By actively participating in dotting, employees are constantly aware of where they stand on the field and how they can improve. The pictures that emerge through dots form the foundation for understanding what your people are like, what roles they are best fit for, and how to maximize their performance. In the same way that athletes crave constant candid feedback from their coaches, the tool creates the right environment for employees to grow and evolve to their highest potential.
  • Polls & Surveys - This feature enables you to surface and engage diverse perspectives from all employees in real time, in an inclusive and meritocratic way. Making the best decisions depends on your ability to draw out the best ideas. Rather than just listening to the loudest voice in the room, use polls and surveys to harness the power of collective thinking to channel the best ideas wherever they come from.

Data gathered in the Dot Collector comes together to form an overview synthesis in the Meeting Tracker. These outputs are powered by Principles algorithms and highlight key meeting insights such as the overall meeting rating, measured individual contributions, and “nubby” moments.


About Me & Others

About Me captures and integrates data about you from across the Principles Tools suite to provide a rich picture of you and others from the macro (your strengths, weaknesses, values and work styles) to the specific (the individual dots you have received). About Me & Others connects the dots to paint an evolving picture of what you are like through time. By reflecting on these insights about yourself and your co-workers, you are able to loop on your key development areas, improve how you work with others, and manage and mentor more effectively.


Issue Log

Issue Log is an essential tool for problem management. By making sure problems are logged, you create a culture that is focused on looking at mistakes to make progress from fixing the “machines” that are producing them. You identify the problems, diagnose them to get at their root causes, design systematic changes and continuously improve. Most people would rather hide mistakes, so this process produces an important cultural shift to viewing identifying problems as bad things to identifying problems as fuel for improvement. This tool also provides you with valuable data for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your people and systems, and for operating in a more algorithmically enabled way.



When you find yourself in a challenging situation, Coach enables you to search for relevant principles to help you deal with it effectively. It helps you loop when you make mistakes. Real-time coaching alerts you to what’s going on around you and prompts you to reflect objectively on what to do about it. Coach is a constant digital companion offering personalized guidance to help you deal with situations you encounter everyday. Designed as a personal development tool, Coach provides an important support system for you and your team on your Principled Journey.


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