Dot Collector Overview

At the center of the Principles platform, Dot Collector helps your team share in-the-moment feedback across all interactions. The two key features of Dot Collector are dot collecting and polls / surveys.

Dot Collecting

By actively participating in dotting, employees are constantly aware of where they stand on the field and how they can improve. The pictures that emerge through dots form the foundation for understanding what your people are like, what roles they are best fit for, and how to maximize their performance. In the same way that athletes crave constant candid feedback from their coaches, the tool creates the right environment for employees to grow and evolve to their highest potential.



Polls & Surveys

This feature enables you to surface and engage diverse perspectives from all employees in real time, in an inclusive and meritocratic way. Making the best decisions depends on your ability to draw out the best ideas. Rather than just listening to the loudest voice in the room, use polls and surveys to harness the power of collective thinking to channel the best ideas wherever they come from.



Data gathered in the Dot Collector comes together to form an overview synthesis in the Meeting Tracker. These outputs are powered by Principles algorithms and highlight key meeting insights such as the overall meeting rating, measured individual contributions, and “nubby” moments.


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