About Me & Others Overview

The About Me & Others aggregates and analyzes the data on you and your team across the Principles platform, and presents evolving pictures of people, including their strengths and weaknesses and dotting behaviors. Use this information for:

  • Developing high performing teams - engage and collaborate more effectively with others by having a better understanding of what they are like. Pair people up for more dynamic and well-rounded teams.
  • Personal reflection and evolution - explore the feedback you and others have given to address areas for improvement and solicit feedback to drive growth.
  • Evidence-based performance management - track employee performance data through time and facilitate evidence-based performance reviews that include diverse perspectives.

Each About Me & Others profile consists of “Dots” and “Summary.” On desktop,”Dots” and “Summary” are separate tabs within the About Me & Others application whereas on Mobile Dot Collector, Dots and About Me are separate tabs along with Meetings. Note that depending on your group or organizations’ settings, you may or may not be able to have access to others’ About Me profiles (their dots and summary views). 


Your Dots Feed

The “dots” tab consists of a live feed of all your dots (given and received) and, if enabled for your group or organization, a histogram view that organizes your dots into categories specified by your group or organization’s ontology.

Your About Me Summary

The “summary” tab consists of a variety of “tiles” that draw out insights from the dots you have given and received, including an emerging picture of your strengths and weaknesses and your dotting tendencies. Depending on your group or organizations’ settings, you may have all or a subset of these tiles available to you. 

Note that on mobile, this information is the same, but is organized differently. In your About Me tab in Mobile Dot Collector, there are three sections: Picture of you, Interactions, and Behaviors. Interactions is where you will find the information on who dots you, what you’re dotted on, who you dot, what you dot others on, and what you ignore.


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