About Me & Others Tips and Best Practices

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What is About Me & Others? 

About Me & Others is where all the data (from Dots, Ranks, and/or Tests) comes together to present a pointillist picture of what someone is like and the evidence behind them. Information in About Me & Others can be used for developing high performing teams, personal reflection and evolution, and evidence-based performance management. About Me & Others profiles consist of “Dots” (a real-time feed of all the dots someone has given and received) and a “Summary” view (showing an evolving picture of someone, including their strengths and weaknesses, and their dotting behaviors).

How and when should I use About Me & Others? 

About Me & Others provides insights into pictures of people and their dotting behaviors. Use this information for:

  • Developing high performing teams - engage and collaborate more effectively with others by having a better understanding of what they are like. Pair people up for more dynamic and well-rounded teams.
  • Personal reflection and evolution - explore the feedback you and others have given to address areas for improvement and solicit feedback to drive growth.
  • Evidence-based performance management - track employee performance data through time and facilitate evidence-based performance reviews that include diverse perspectives.

We recommend checking your “Dots” tab frequently to stay up-to-speed with the feedback you’re getting and exploring your and others’ “Summary” views when you want to step back and ask how you and others are doing over time.

I disagree with the picture of me in one or more places in the About Me & Others. 

You About Me profile is built off the data that is collected on you in our system and is not meant to be conclusive. The more data we have through time, the more accurate and meaningful this picture will become. You and those around you should always take all data into consideration when making a determination of what someone is like beyond the insights our system provides. As we iterate and improve our algorithms behind the About Me insights, please submit any feedback to support@principles.com.

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