Coach Overview

Designed as a digital companion and a personal development tool, Coach makes relevant principles to your everyday challenges much more accessible. 

Each day we all face a blizzard of situations. Without principles, we would be forced to react to all things life throws at us individually. Coach's platform is populated with a library of common situations, or "ones of those" (e.g., disagreeing with an assessment someone made, someone lied or did something unethical, etc.), which are linked to the relevant principles to help you handle them. Coach enables you to:

  • Easily access and reflect on shared principles as they apply to the situations you are likely to encounter, and apply principles practically to help you handle them most effectively.
  • Discuss and agree with others on principles to be in synch on how you want to operate with each other in any given circumstance.
  • Build the habit of regularly looking at your day to day decisions in a more principled and effective way.


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