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Designed as a digital companion and a personal development tool, Coach makes relevant principles to your everyday challenges much more accessible. 

Each day we all face a blizzard of situations. Without principles, we would be forced to react to all things life throws at us individually. Coach's platform is populated with a library of common situations, or "ones of those" (e.g., disagreeing with an assessment someone made, someone lied or did something unethical, etc.), which are linked to the relevant principles to help you handle them. Coach enables you to:

  • Easily access and reflect on shared principles as they apply to the situations you are likely to encounter, and apply principles practically to help you handle them most effectively.
  • Discuss and agree with others on principles to be in sync on how you want to operate with each other in any given circumstance.
  • Build the habit of regularly looking at your day to day decisions in a more principled and effective way.

Using Coach


Step 1: Identifying your Situation and Knowing which “One of Those” it is - i.e. Common Situation that Apply

Before you do anything, you need to recognize you’re in an “Another One of Those.”  Being self-aware: Are you feeling frustrated or stuck? Are you preparing for an important meeting? Are you reflecting on a piece of feedback you’ve been given or a mistake/challenge you face? These and more are situations where Coach can help, and the first step is recognizing that you’re in them. 

Search for your situation in Coach by using Text Search or Category Search/Filters. 

  • Text Search: Use the search bar on the Coach main screen to ask a question or describe a situation. Coach will return the most similar results from our library of common life and work situations that match your search. Browse and select the situation card that most closely applies to your question or “case at hand.”




  • Category Search/Filters: All of the situations in Coach are organized by Category. If you’re not sure what to search for, or would just like to browse available situations, tap on the filter icon at the right side of the search bar and select a category/subcategory to see all the situations in that category. This also functions as a filter for search results. When browsing situations within a category/subcategory, you can also enter a text search to search for specific situations within that category/subcategory. You can also apply a category filter after searching to narrow your results.
    NOTE: If you’re searching and not seeing the results you’d expect, check to see if you have a category filter applied that might be filtering out the situations you’re looking for. The filter icon turns blue when a filter is applied. 



  • Recent Searches: On the Coach home screen, under the search bar, you’ll see a Recent Searches section which will show your three most recent searches. You can click on any of them to easily repeat the search. You can also click the “X” to the right of any of your recent searches to remove it.


Step 2: Identifying the relevant principles & next steps

Once you select the situation card that most closely applies to your question or “case at hand,” you will see a curated list of relevant principles. Read and reflect on the principles in the order in which they appear and identify the ones that are most relevant to the case at hand. Where applicable, read the principle subtext by clicking “Read more.” At times, just the principle text/title itself may seem too vague and high level and the subtext can have very clear, practical instructions. Try to map out your next steps using each principle, i.e. who should do what when.




Optional: Providing Feedback and Suggestions

  • Rating a Situation: We constantly improve the guidance provided by Coach based on user feedback and new content created by Ray. You can help us by rating how helpful you find the principles guidance curated for a particular situation using the 5-star rating scale and the comment field found at the bottom of the page (under the headline “How helpful were these results?”). If you provide a star rating at a 3 or below, you’ll be prompted with a few optional structured response options to help us categorize your feedback. Click “Submit” when you’re done. 



  • Suggest a Situation: If there is a situation you would like guidance on that is currently unavailable in Coach, you can submit that to our team for review. Use the “Suggest a Situation” button found on the Coach homepage right below the search bar or your list of recent searches. Type in the situation you’d like guidance on with any additional details you’d like to provide and click “Submit.” For any other suggestions (e.g. principles you think are missing from a situation, areas you think the principles don’t adequately cover, or any feature suggestions) contact us by submitting a support ticket though our Help site (accessible from the “?” icon found at the bottom right corner of your Principles screen) or emailing us as at


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