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It’s important when making decisions to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of all individuals on a team. Ranker enables teams to periodically rate and rank one another on a core set of attributes, adding yet another important dimension to the overall picture of each person.

Availability: Currently available within Dot Collector.



The Pulse leverages the polling capabilities of Dot Collector to take a quick “pulse” (a real-time signal) of employee sentiment across morale, productivity, workload, and connectedness. It can be used on a daily basis (Daily Pulse) for all employees.  In that way one can get daily feedback about key issues that management is interested in learning about. The organization can be viewed at the individual level, the group level or the enterprise level. For managers, this data provides a quick snapshot of their team’s well-being and prompts quick action where needed. Leaders can similarly monitor their organization’s capacity, trends, and overall health through time. Organizations have found the week over week use of Pulse especially helpful within the new remote work reality. The information can be input into algorithms which can lead to processing that replicates human processing — e.g. interactions with the people submitting the information in a way that is tailored to their situations, directing the information to relevant people to deal with what is learned, etc. 

Availability: Pulse is currently in beta. Please reach out to our support team or a member of our client team if your organization is interested in piloting Pulse.


Principles Cases / Courses

These are valuable for training because one can see principles come to life in videos and interactive real case studies that happened in Bridgewater. The Principles Course will give you a front row seat into real life situations Ray and his team confronted as they built a world class organization, one decision at a time, capturing the principles he learned as he reflected on his mistakes and challenges along the way. Cases put you on the field to experience Principles in Action. In addition to sharing Ray’s teachings, the course experience invites you to develop your own principles and learn how to apply them effectively to achieve your most important goals.

Availability: At the moment you can access cases outside of the Principles platform through our Principles in Action mobile application. We'll look to embed this experience into the Principles platform suite in the future.


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