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1. Is there any significance to the order in which principles are displayed within a Situation?

The principles are generally in the order of relevance to the ‘situation’ but keep in mind the specific facts of your situation may make different principles more relevant. You should use the principles Coach identifies to create your own mental map for how to handle your specific case at hand, including reflecting on the principle(s) you find most relevant.

2. Can I just browse by category? 

Yes! With the search bar empty, click the filter icon at the right end of the search bar, and select a Category (and Sub-category if you wish). Click Apply and you’ll see all the Situations in that Category/Sub-category. 

3. How do I provide feedback on the search results for situation?

You can rate the quality of existing curated guidance and/or give feedback to get better guidance from Ray and others who are believable. Before you leave the results page, please scroll to the bottom to rate the helpfulness of the results and optionally provide any additional freeform feedback. This will help us continue to make the guidance in Coach better.

4. I can’t find what I’m looking for. Do you have any advice? 

There are a couple different ways to find the guidance you’re looking for in Coach, Text Search and Category Search. Check to make sure that you don’t have a filter selected. The filter icon at the right end of the search bar turns blue when one is selected. Click on that icon and then select Clear All, and try your search again. If you’ve used those methods and are still struggling to find the guidance you want, we may not have it included yet. In that case, please suggest this new guidance for the Principles team to include by using the “Suggest a New Situation” button on your Coach homepage. We plan to use your feedback to add to our library and improve the guidance we offer users.

5. How do I get back to Coach home screen? 

If you’re inside a Situation, click the back arrow near the top left of the page. Then, click the “What situation are you facing?” header to return to the home screen.

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