Getting Started with Principles

Table of Contents:

  1. Learn about the Principles Tools 
  2. Creating Your Account
  3. Accessing the Principles Tools
  4. The Principles Story

Learn about the Principles Tools 

Introducing the Principles Tools

At the center of the Principles Platform is the concept of DotsTM. A Dot is an observation - made by a person about themselves or from one person to another. With Dots, each team member can discover their tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth, pointing the way toward maximizing their potential.

Learn more about how we Collect & Connect the Dots by watching this 5-minute demo video of our tools.

Learn more about PrinciplesYou

To learn more about PrinciplesYou and the value of understanding yourself and others, check out the below videos.

In this quick 5-min video, Adam Grant (Organizational Psychologist at Wharton and Co-Creator of PrinciplesYou) talks about getting into a helpful mindset for approaching personality assessments and how they can be powerful tools for your personal reflection and reflection with others. 


In these videos, our Chief Experience Officer Zack Wieder walks through the structure of the assessment and gives perspective on how to approach interpreting and reflecting on your results.


In the below video (~30 mins), recorded live as part of the 2021 Collision Conference, Ray Dalio (founder/CEO of Principles), Arianna Huffington (founder/CEO of Thrive Global), and Adam Grant discuss their own results, how they relate to one another, and how learning what they’re really like allowed them to deal with their strengths and weaknesses.


Creating Your Account

  1. On your desktop/web browser, go to your Company URL (found in your Welcome email)
  2. Below the sign-in form, click “FORGOT PASSWORD?”
  3. On the next page, enter your Company email address. Click “RESET PASSWORD”
  4. Check your inbox (and spam folder) for a password reset email from Principles. In the email, click 'UPDATE PASSWORD’ and create one

Accessing the Principles Tools and taking the PrinciplesYou Assessment

    1. Navigate back to your Company URL and login with your credentials. This is your Principles tools homepage -- Assessment Center, Dot Collector, and About Me & Others. Optionally bookmark this page so you have easy access to the tools in the future
    2. Complete the PrinciplesYou assessment. 
      • Select the ‘Assessment Center’ tile and follow the instructions on your screen to begin
      • When you’re done, take a moment to review your results. Note that your assessment results will be stored under this Assessment Center tile so you can go back to them at any time.
    3. Familiarize yourself with Dot Collector and About Me & Others
      • Navigate back to your Principles homepage. Explore the “Dot Collector” and “About Me & Others” tiles (see demo video for additional context)
      • Click on the “Give Dot” button from the top navigation bar and review the dottable attributes.

If applicable: 

  • Mobile access
    • Install the “Principles Dot Collector” app from the App Store or Google Play
    • Open up the Dot Collector app and tap “Login”
    • For company domain, type your Company ID (found in your Welcome email) and tap "Next"
    • Use your Principles account credentials to login
  • Enable Dot Collector for Slack
    • Ensure that the Dot Collector app is listed under your Apps section in Slack. If you don’t see it there, click “+” next to Apps and search for Dot Collector
    • For further guidance on how to use the Slack integration, visit our Guide

The Principles Story

Principles was founded by investor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author, Ray Dalio, in order to pass along the principles and tools that fueled his success and helped him build his company, Bridgewater, from his two‑bedroom apartment into one of the most important private companies in the United States. These tools were designed to enable rapid growth of individuals and teams and build a more transparent and inclusive work culture where everyone has a voice, and the best ideas win.

Check out the videos below for an introduction to the ideas behind Principles and the Principles suite of tools.


ted_talk.png     ag_ted.png 





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